Brazilians Need Their Voice

Brazil is undergoing a crucial moment. Either our voices will be heard or our flawed democracy will perish. Our Supreme Court has been censoring citizens for some time, arbitrarily persecuting journalists and politicians under the pretext of spreading hate speech, misinformation and “fake news,” all outside the law and against our constitution. Now, Michael Shellenberger revealed to everyone that we know very little about what’s happening in Brazil.

In secrecy, the Supreme Court tried to censor legislators, stop the publication of news that were deemed unfit for the public, threatened to prosecute X employees and temper with the public opinion during electoral periods. Brazil is facing a severe abuse of authority, by the hands of the judge Alexandre de Moraes. However, yesterday Elon Musk stood up to fight against censorship, only to be met with more threats and the possibility of X being shut down in Brazil.

Now we need you. We need your voice. We need the international community to suport our freedom of speech. Plain and simple.

That’s why we ask you to sign this petition and share on social media your support to Brazil.

We want freedom of speech. We want the end of the abuse of authority. We want the impeachment of Judge Alexandre de Moraes.




Ana Paula Henkel, political commentator
David Ágape, journalist
Eli Vieira, biologist and editor at Gazeta do Povo
Felipe Camozzato, state representative of RS
Helio Beltrão, president of the Mises Institute Brazil
Leandro Narloch, journalist
Marina Helena, economist and pre-candidate for mayor of São Paulo
Marcel van Hattem, federal representative
Michael Shellenberger, journalist
Pedro Moreira, Ph.D. in Philosophy of Law and Professor
Rodrigo Marinho, executive director of the Free Market Front
Ricardo Gomes, lawyer and vice-mayor of Porto Alegre